North Road

This room was transformed with traditional cabinetry and a worktop. It was a tricky space, with no flat walls or floor anywhere and with existing boilers, pipes and corners. By being totally bespoke we were able to fit the kitchen to the room not the other way round.

There are touches of brown oak featuring on the shelves and worktops that bring contrast to the room. Brown oak gets its special colour from a fungus which turns the wood a deep, rich brown. The results show that it’s difficult to surpass the natural beauty of an handmade oak kitchen.

Style: Traditional
Materials: solid English oak, and solid English brown oak

I am thoroughly enjoying my beautiful solid oak kitchen. It is a lovely space in which to work and the layout and the storage possibilities are practical and make for pleasing efficiency! It has been widely admired by all my friends who recognise the extremely high quality of the workmanship and imaginative use of the dark and light oak. Thank you so much again for all the work and thought that went into making the whole project such a success.


Perrinpit Rd,
Frampton Cotterell,
BS36 2AT