Bristol Lock Gate Benches

For this very special job we were commissioned by BAM Nuttal to create benches from the old lock gates that had been removed from Bristol’s floating harbour. The gates were originally installed during the 1870s and have been there ever since, so a good deal of restoration work was required to turn them into usable benches.

It was a fantastic opportunity for us to try something that had never been done before and we felt privileged to be working on such pieces.

A ceremony was held for the construction company to hand over the commemorative benches to the City of Bristol Harbour. There are two benches on the harbourside and we love seeing them being used regularly by the people of Bristol.

To find out more about the process and history behind this unique commission:

Style: Unique
Materials: Pitch pine reclaimed from the old harbour gates

Perrinpit Rd,
Frampton Cotterell,
BS36 2AT