Jamie’s Italian,

Bristol and Greenwich (London)

Jamie’s Italian in Bristol commissioned us to make some very large dining tables along with waiter and bread stations for its restaurant in Bristol. Shortly after that, Jamie’s Italian in Greenwich came to us for rustic dining tables and a pair of waiter stations. All items had to be hardwearing and fit in with the restaurant’s distinct aesthetic. We worked in reclaimed timbers, oak and round timbers to create something that was both beautiful and functional.

Style: Rustic and traditional
Materials: reclaimed timbers, round timbers and oak

All of the furniture is still in tip-top condition; that’s really impressive considering it’s two years old in a high-volume, busy restaurant – clearly built to last! In fact, pretty much everything else in our site has needed replacing or repairing, given the volume we do, but the furniture you provided is still in great condition so you’re clearly doing something right!

James Plant, General Manager, Jamie's Italian, Bristol.

Perrinpit Rd,
Frampton Cotterell,
BS36 2AT